Plumber in Monaco

Our Services

Brezzo, our company based in Monaco is your partner for all your renovation or construction projects. We repair, design, build, install and maintain all types of plumbing and heating and ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems.

We take care of your project from the planning stage to its installation with an eye on your needs in order to provide a bespoke solution and ensure comfort and energy efficiency in your home.

In the service of your home

Brezzo has been operating in Monaco since 1921. The Monegasque company had new owners in 2016. It currently provides a full range of renovation and construction services appropriate for the functional requirements of all types of buildings: apartment buildings, apartments, houses, villas, private residences, offices…

We provide a high quality, eco-friendly and regulatory compliant service to fulfill your needs. We want to help improve your comfort and add value to your property thanks to high quality services and advanced equipments. We operate with fast and extremely effective tools for your satisfaction; we also boast a highly skilled and responsive team.

Our experienced technicians can install your bathroom, toilet and kitchen equipments, your ventilation systems and your heating systems (central heating unit, water boilers).

We can intervene quickly in Monaco in case of emergency plumbing repairs.

We provide construction and renovation services but not repair services in the Alpes-Maritimes. Whether you are an individual or a business, you are assured of a first-rate service by choosing a skilled company like us.

What we do

We do plumbing in new buildings or in buildings under renovation in Monaco and the Alpes-Maritimes (French Riviera) and we also provide emergency services. Our team of experts can do the incoming and outgoing pipe fitting work for plumbing, gas lines, electric water heaters or heat pumps water heater.

We can operate on any type of energy source and help you take advantage of tax credits and lower VAT thanks to the RGE label. You can trust us with the installation or repair of your air conditioning. We also specialize in mechanical ventilation and can install air exchange and circulation system inside any building. Our technicians will advise and guide you in choosing the most appropriate and effective ventilation solution for your project.

We use techniques and methods adapted to your specific projects in order to achieve high-quality works. All the services we provide are carried out perfectly and stand out thanks to their impeccable finishes and the resourcefulness of our team.